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All New SDL & sSDL for Spring 2016!

We are moving forward to adopt the new USSF rule and format changes in the Spring of 2016!  We're giving our teams the opportunity to get a head start, instead of waiting until next fall.  In SDL Spring 2016, we'll have every age group playing the format that they will be required to play next year. 
  • All programs will be age pure (remember you can keep current teams in tact by allowing players to play up - if you choose that route).
  • U5 through U7 will play 4v4
  • U8 and U9 will play 7v7
  • U10 will play 9v9 (U10's are playing 9v9 b/c that is what they will play next year as U11s, but they can also play  7v7 in sSDL if they choose to do so)
  • sSDL will now be super small-sided 7v7 for U10 through U12
  • New Lower Prices while continuing to personalized scheduling - we schedule around all conflicts that are submitted prior to the start of scheduling
  • In SDL we schedule 10 games and guarantee 8
  • In sSDL we schedule 7 games and guarantee 6

Click Here for SDL Spring 2016 Registration

Junior Academy League Open to U5 through U7 playing 4v4, U8 & U9 playing 7v7 and U10 playing 9v9

Click Here for sSDL Spring 2016 7v7 Registration

Super Small-sided League Open to U10 through U12 Playing Fast-Paced 7v7

SDL - The First and Oldest Academy League in the United States

For the last 13 years, we, at SDL, have endeavored to provide a superior quality soccer environment that affords the players not only a means to accelerate their development, but gives them a love of the game that will last a lifetime.

  • We are ever evolving - listening to our coaches and adjusting our program to fit the needs of young, developing soccer players. That's why we're moving forward with the USSF changes - to help prepare our teams for the inevitable changes that will hopefully, greatly enhance all of our North Texas soccer programs.  We are always striving for the program that best meets the needs of our young athletes.
  • We are popular with select coaches because we are the only league that has and always will schedule around the conflicts of multi-team coaches, multi-league coaches and select coaches who submit their conflicts to us before scheduling begins.  It is not uncommon for our coaches to have up to 9 teams in our league and we make sure that they can attend every game. Likewise, our coaches with 2 or 3 select teams, know that they can count on us to schedule around all of their select games.  It takes hundreds of man-hours, it's laborious and complicated, but we do it because it's what our customers have come to expect - as a result our coaches actually get to coach their games.
  • As a result of the recent rainy seasons, we will now schedule 10 games for our teams and guarantee 8 (as long as the teams can keep playing) – one ‘bye’ request will be allowed when conflicts are submitted prior to the start of scheduling, so that our teams can play in a tournament during the season, if desired.
  • SDL is sanctioned through US Club Soccer - for an annual fee of $18 per player, our players are insured for the SDL soccer year and for local tournaments.  No need to pay the often expensive North Texas Home Association Fee.
  • USCS also allows for players and/or teams to "play up" an age bracket if they are seeking a more rigorous level of competition. This is something that teams can take advantage of in transitioning to the age-pure system.   
  • Our referees are mature adults with years of experience who set a positive example for our young players.

Join us at SDL next season for the best in academy soccer!

    Field Conditions and Weather Hotline

    For the latest information regarding weather updates and field conditions call 972-984-0416.

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    Age Pure Years

    U5 Players were born in 2011
    U6 Players were born in 2010
    U7 Players were born in 2009
    U8 Players were born in 2008
    U9 Players were born in 2007
    U10 Players were born in 2006
    U11 Players were born in 2005
    U12 Players were born in 2004